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Govt to shift Parliament to Mumbai, to blame city’s rains for disruption of Monsoon Session

23, Jul 2015 By @jurnoleast

New Delhi: Concerned about rising criticism due to disruption of Parliament, government has come up with a unique solution to address the issue. Government plans to shift the Parliament’s monsoon session to Mumbai hoping to blame the city’s monsoon for lack of productive work.

Now MPs need not put so much effort to disrupt the Parliament. An easier way would be to blame it on Mumbai rains.
Now MPs need not put so much effort to disrupt the Parliament. An easier way would be to blame it on Mumbai rains.

Speaking to Faking News a Member of Parliament said, “In the last couple of days, the Parliament has seen a lot of disruptions and more often the sessions have been adjourned. People are asking questions about the productivity of the Parliament. We thought it was time we needed a solution to justify this problem. So we came up with the plan of shifting the monsoon session to Mumbai.”

“It is a well known fact that during monsoon the normal pace of the city is disrupted. There are traffic jams, water logging, and transport services come to a standstill. We hope that the monsoon in the city can cover up for our lack of productivity too. I am waiting for the day when I can fearlessly address the media and say that the parliament was disrupted because of Mumbai’s monsoon,” he added.

Some MPs are not leaving anything to chance. They have submitted a proposal that the Parliament be located in Virar while they themselves stay at Colaba so that they can justify not attending work by blaming it on the long distance and traffic jams.

Meanwhile, a few MPs were excited at the prospect of monsoon session being shifted to Mumbai and were seen packing their bags already, hoping to do some sightseeing in their free time.

“We are concerned with disruption of session. We don’t care if it happens in Mumbai or Delhi. The good thing is that now we have an excuse. If the media wants to question, they can ask the rain gods,” said a visibly happy MP as he was busy checking out places to visit in Mumbai on his smartphone.

Experts say that the problem is with the naming of the session and shifting Parliament to Mumbai will not solve the problem. Budget and Winter Session’s will have similar problems as budget is understood by few people and in winter session most MPs will be in holiday mode.