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Govt. to ship 500 packets of milk powder to Dadri to address shortfall after incessant milking by politicians and media

11, Oct 2015 By @jurnoleast

Dadri: Around 500 packets of milk powder were dispatched to Dadri to address milk shortfall in the area. As per Govt. sources, incessant milking of the Dadri incident by politicians and media has led to acute shortage of milk.

Acute shortage of milk in Dadri due to incessant milking by media and politicians
Acute shortage of milk in Dadri due to incessant milking by media and politicians

A government source close to the development spoke to Faking News reporter and said, “Since the Dadri incident took place, politicians, media and a few publicity hungry individuals have swooped down on Dadri and the milking has not stopped to date. Our estimate is that, around 12000 metric tonnes has been milked by politicians themselves. It has led to acute shortage, which cannot be addressed by diverting milk from neighboring areas alone. That is why we are ordering milk packets.”

It has been a tough last week for residents of Dadri. Jivan Singh, a 92 year old farmer from Dadri said, “Kitna doodhe nichodh kar le gaye ye neta. I don’t even have milk to make tea now. Something like this has never happened in the history of Dadri ever before.”

He didn’t spare the media too. “Media people are camping here and I don’t know when they will leave. They are a step ahead of politicians. They are not just milking but also coming with their milk products like cheese and curd,” he said.

Officials from the National Dairy Development Board have said that they are doing all they can to meet the requirement. “We estimate that the shortfall will continue till results of Bihar elections are declared. We can only appeal to media and politicians to exercise some restraint,” said a board official as he dispatched another consignment of milk powder.

Meanwhile, a team from the American Dairy Research Institute was on a short visit to India to study the Dadri incident. “We would just like to know the specifics about how an incident was milked to such an extent. We have been researching on milk production technologies for quite some time now and nowhere else in the world would you find an example like this,” said Tom Selleck, a team member as he replied to a news reporter and cameraman who were determined to milk the last drop from Dadri incident.