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Growth of my son’s company turnover in a year a technical problem: Amit Shah

10, Oct 2017 By itsmihir1993

After a news website broke the story that the turnover of Temple Enterprises, a company owned by Amit Shah’s son, Jay Shah, rose from Rs 50,000 to Rs 80 crores in a year after Narendra Modi got elected as the prime minister, BJP President Amit Shah has defended his son by saying that the sudden rise is a technical problem. Earlier this year, the leader had defended his role in the 2002 Gujarat riots by calling it a technical problem.

The rapid increase in the company’s turnover raised several eyebrows as the company which was making a meagre profit increased its turnover by an unbelievable 16,000 times in a period of one year.

Amit Shah, hailing the business strategy of Temple Enterprises, said, “This is exactly the kind of development Narendra bhai keeps talking about. If you think it’s a one-off company that has made profits, you can also check the accounts of any company owned by Mukesh bhai and see for yourself that it is overall development of the country. It’s pure hard work and nothing else.”

Interestingly, the company having Rs 80 crores as its turnover shut its operation just a month before demonetisation. Upon being questioned on the timely withdrawal from the market, Jay Shah said, “It’s all about prediction. If you are an entrepreneur, you have to do business keeping the uncertainty in mind. All thank to my dad’s sixth sense, we predicted demonetisation and stopped our business.”

Jay Shah further threatened that he would file a criminal defamation suit against our organisation if we asked him any more questions. Our reporter, who was in dire need to visit the washroom, refrained from asking him the way to the washroom after the threat to avoid getting sued.

When Amit Shah realised that the matter has reached Jay Shah’s washroom, he defended his son and said, “Getting the urge to pee is a technical problem of the journalist.” The All India Football Federation, after identifying Amit Shah’s ability of defending every accusation thrown at him since the 2014 Loksabha elections, announced that Amit Shah will be given the role of the defender in the Indian national football team.