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Gujarat assembly passes new law, makes staring at a cow a punishable offence

02, Apr 2017 By Sandeep Kadian

Gandhinagar: After passing a law with the provision of life imprisonment for cow slaughter, Gujarat assembly has passed another law to make the state a safe place for the cows. From now on, staring at the cows will be a punishable offence, a law to that effect has been passed by the Gujarat assembly.

Vijay Rupani
Cows will be safe in the state now!

Anyone caught staring at the cows will be detained by the newly formed ‘Pro-Bovine Squads’ in the state and will be prosecuted in accordance with the new law. Maximum punishment under this new law is 7 yrs imprisonment and 10 lakhs Rupees fine.

Confirming the new law, state CM Vijay Rupani said ,”We must aspire not only for a vegetarian Gujarat but also for a Gujarat where cows can roam freely without getting stared at. Cows should be free to go out at any time of the day or night without attracting stares from beef lovers. Protecting cows is our first and foremost duty and we are fully committed to that.”

When asked how will policemen know who is staring at a cow, Mr Rupani said ,”All members of our ‘Pro-Bovine Squad’ are veteran policemen. With all their experience, they can always tell who is just looking and who is staring. They can count feathers of a flying bird, distinguishing between looking and staring is easy for them.”

Meanwhile, sale of Sunglasses in the state hit a record high as people tried to avoid any risk and decided to just hide their eyes from the policemen.