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Gujarati boy disappointed to know Tulika won’t be CM if Congress wins

24, Nov 2012 By Pagal Patrakar

Ahmedabad. Jignesh Modi, who turned 18 earlier this year and will be voting in the upcoming assembly elections next month, is confused over whom to vote for.

Jignesh had almost made up his mind to vote for Congress after seeing TV and online ads featuring a girl called Tulika. However, he was heartbroken to learn that the girl was just a TV actress and not the Chief Ministerial candidate of the party.

Tulika For Gujarat
Television actress Tulika, who is often seen on TV news channels these days.

“This is cheating!” Jignesh protested, “I thought she will become the Chief Minister if Congress won, but she’s just an actress! Now I have no idea what to do! I don’t even know who the Gujarat Congress head is!”

Jignesh is the first known case where an aam admi has made up his mind after being influenced by TV ads by political parties. A similar case was reported in 2004, where a man in Delhi was believed to have turned a BJP supporter after watching India Shining ads, but investigations later revealed him to be a television journalist and not an aam aadmi.

“You can sell soaps, deodorants, insurances, or tickets to samagam of Nirmal Baba through TV ads, but not political beliefs,” a marketing professor of IIM Ahmedabad told Faking News.

“You have to buy political support, you don’t sell it,” the professor explained.

However, Congress has not lost all hopes. They are confident that spinners stalwarts like Kapil Sibal and Manish Tewari can issue statements that might confuse people like Jignesh and make them believe that Tulika indeed could become the Chief Minister of Gujarat if they voted for Congress.

“It’s almost like making people believe that they will get to kiss Katrina Kaif if they buy Slice mango drink,” a Congress leader conceded that the task was not so easy.

“But then we have made people believe that there was no 2G scam!” he pointed out.

“Or we may even consider making Tulika the Chief Minister,” the Congress leader further said, “Just like Manmohan Singh is the Prime Minister.”