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Gujarati businessman starts company to make anti-Modi posters

30, Jun 2012 By Pagal Patrakar

Ahmedabad. With posters of former BJP General Secretary Sanjay Joshi appearing everywhere like images of Sai Baba, a Gujarati businessman has spotted the opportunity and launched a company specializing in making anti-Modi posters and billboards.

Jignesh Patel, a twenty-first-generation-family-entrepreneur announced formation of “NoNaMo Printers” that will conceptualize, design, print, and distribute posters and hoardings taking a dig at the Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi.

“I am totally apolitical and am doing this because I sense a money making opportunity,” Jignesh claimed and rejected any association with Keshubhai Patel, the former Gujarat CM who has now turned against Modi.

There were various high resolution pictures of Keshubhai and Sanjay Joshi on his office table, but Jignesh explained that they were raw materials for his company and one shouldn’t read too much into those.

Sanjay Joshi
An anti-Modi poster, mysteriously appearing at various places.

“I also have hundreds of pictures of Narendra Modi in different poses and high resolution. Purely for making the posters; I don’t know these guys personally nor do I know their politics,” he told Faking News.

Born in a business family, 19-years-old Jignesh was under tremendous pressure to start a business of his own or join his father’s business of manufacturing plastic bottles. Least interested in joining his father, Jignesh came up with the idea of NoNaMo Printers earlier this week.

“Economy is in bad shape and I had a big challenge to start a new line of business in such a scenario,” Jignesh explained his decision making process, “However, I had read somewhere that ‘bad economics was good politics’ and thus concluded that politics was going to prosper in coming days.”

Having chosen ‘politics’ as the sector to operate in, Jignesh’s next challenge was to find out what activities he should undertake. After considering many options, Jignesh concluded that making anti-Modi posters was the most lucrative and long lasting option.

“These posters are in demand everywhere; they have already appeared in Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, and now Rajasthan; and the demand will only go up. I think Bihar is next and I’ve already sent my proposal to Nitish Kumar,” the young businessman disclosed.

With assembly elections due in Gujarat later this year and a threat of mid-term general elections looming large each time Mamata or Mulayam wake on the wrong side of the bed, Jignesh believes that his business has an assured market. All that he needs to do is design a few creative anti-Modi posters.

“Look at those posters, they are very banal. The best was where they had badly photoshopped Modi’s face on a woman’s picture. We can do much better!” he claimed.

While Jignesh kept on reiterating that he had no political ambitions or affiliations, his business has already become a center of political debate because it revolves around Narendra Modi.

“This shows that today’s youth doesn’t want to be identified with Narendra Modi. They prefer to make anti-Modi posters! This is a victory of secular forces!” claimed a Congress leader.

“This shows that Gujarati youth is leading in innovation and Gujarat is the best place to start new businesses. Our growth rate figures also prove it. Modi is pro-development,” claimed a BJP leader.

“This shows Gujjus know the best how to make money,” Jignesh said when Faking News asked for his response over the political reactions.

(originally written for and published in English daily DNA)