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Guy who doesn't know local MP's name, can tell ratings for all US Presidential candidates without Google

07, Feb 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Kanpur: 25 years old Kanpur resident, Rajesh Kalra, who was commenting about the GOP debate in USA religiously throughout the day, couldn’t recall his local MP’s name when asked by someone.

Rajesh's profile pic
Rajesh’s profile pic

For past 6 months Rajesh has been flooding his Facebook wall and Twitter Timeline with messages on US Presidential elections and the chances of various candidates. He knows the poll ratings of every single candidate in every single state of USA.

Speaking to Faking News, Rajesh said, “Well it is very difficult to remember your local MP’s name since we never get to see them after elections but all the candidates in US Presidential elections are all over the place. Social media, mainstream media, they are everywhere, so it is much easier to keep track of them. I have been following all of them on social media and thus know their ratings in various states, their chances of winning or as in Jeb Bush’s case, not winning but where do I find my local MP? He isn’t there on social media or mainstream media, was easy to forget his name.”

“Of course, it would have been better if I had remembered his name so that I know who not to vote for during the next elections but I guess I will figure it out based on the campaign speeches. Challengers promise you the moon and incumbent tells you that he has already given you the moon. So whoever claims to have given me the moon, is my incumbent MP”, Rajesh said confidently.

When we asked Rajesh why he is interested in US Politics, he said, “Well this is the era of globalization and I am a global citizen so it is important that I take interest in US elections. Further, my knowledge of US political scenario is bound to impress all my friends on FB and my followers on Twitter. If you know stuff about USA, you are cool.”

When we asked one of Rajesh’s friends whether they were impressed by Rajesh’s updates on US politics, he said, “What updates? All of us removed his updates from our news feed on Facebook the day he started spamming us with these messages. And he has 3 followers on twitter which I suspect are bots. Who does he impress?”