Habituated of banging benches in parliament, minister bangs and breaks iPad while listening to Modi on video call

11, May 2020 By Santosh Pradhan

New Delhi. The ministers and other MPs are always seen banging the benches in parliament whenever the PM utters any sentence. In fact, the habit has been a costly one for the parliament as many benches have to be replaced as they are broken by continuous banging.


In a weird incident, a minister in Modi cabinet actually broke his iPad while he was listening to the PM on a video call. The PM had a video call with many cabinet ministers to review the work done for the Pandemic. But he had just started his speech and as he uttered the first sentence some of the ministers appreciated it so much that one of them actually broke his iPad.

The cost of the iPad will obviously be born by parliament. But the iPad will be replaced today itself as the ministers are doing continuous work for the relief of people impacted due to the Corona Pandemic. The BJP CMs who will be the part of a video call with the PM today at 3 PM have been told to be extra careful as the same situation can arise during that video call.