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My hairstyle is similar to Nehru’s hairstyle, just saying: LK Advani

12, Feb 2019 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: Political scene in India is buzzing ever since Priyanka Gandhi Vadra became the latest member of Pandit Nehru’s family to join politics. Most of the talk around her has been centred on the similarities between her and Indira Gandhi’s appearance, particularly the nose. Several political pundits have supported the idea of Priyanka Gandhi Vadra as the Prime Minister because she looks like Indira Gandhi. After hearing all these comments, veteran BJP leader LK Advani has come out and reminded everyone that even his hairstyle is similar to a former Prime Minister, Pandit Nehru.

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Popularly known as the longest serving PM-in-waiting, Mr. Advani was talking to some journalists outside the Parliament yesterday when he made these remarks. He said,” People say Priyanka can be a good PM because her nose is similar to Indira’s, bhai look at my hairstyle, for decades it has been the same as Pandit Nehru’s hairstyle, why is nobody seeing the next Prime Minister in me?”

“If we are making people PM based on the similarities between them and former PMs then I should get priority, because I am similar to the senior person. First Nehru ji became PM, then Indira, so Priyanka can become the Prime Minister after me, I have no objection”, he added.

When asked if he has discussed this with his Party President Amit Shah or PM Narendra Modi, he said,” Last time I talked about PM post in a party meeting, I was sent to Maargdarshak mandal, so now I don’t talk about this subject in party meetings. However, you can bring up the subject during next Press Conference of PM Modi.”

Meanwhile, after hearing LK Advani’s comments, Mamata Banerjee has offered him a spot in the Mahagathbandhan alliance of the opposition and the spot of the 25th PM candidate in the alliance.