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Halwai in Delhi launches 'Fast Waale Chhole-Bhature'

10, Apr 2018 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: Congress President Rahul Gandhi kept a 5 hrs long fast at Rajghat yesterday along with several members of the Congress party. However, what made the news wasn’t the fast itself but the Chhole-Bhature consumed by his colleagues before the fast. While people forgot even the reason for the fast, everyone remembered Chhole-Bhature.

As the images of Chhole-Bhature circulated all over social media, the demand for this item rose sharply across all the restaurants in Delhi. To capitalize on this popularity, a halwai in Chandni Chowk has launched a special range of Chhole-Bhature that can be consumed before any fast.

The special ‘fast waale chhole-bhature’ are guaranteed to save you from hunger for the next 24 hours, thus ensuring that your fast is successful. Speaking to Faking News, the halwai said, “Since yesterday afternoon, there has been a huge demand for chhole-bhature at our shop with several people asking especially for the fast waala version. Initially I kept telling them that there is no separate version for fasts but then, I saw the opportunity there. We prepared a special plate of Chhole-Bhature that was guaranteed to stuff your stomach so much that you won’t feel hungry for the next 24 hrs.”

“Initial response to the sample dish was very good with the first 5 customers who tried it going into a food coma. As you know, once in coma, the person doesn’t feel hungry so their fast can be a success. After this positive start, we formally launched these chhole-bhature today and the sales have been very good. Now if anyone wants to fast, any kind of fast, they can consume these chhole-bhature from our shop before starting the fast and then they can proceed to Jantar-Mantar, Ramlila Maidaan, India Gate or Rajghat for their fast,” he further added.

Meanwhile, as per sources, Anna Hazare has been hired as the brand ambassador of this shop.