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Hardik Patel fails to get reservation on IRCTC, followers burn laptops, chew LAN cables

28, Aug 2015 By Pagla Ghoda

Ahmedabad: Leader and visionary of reservation-loving youth Hardik Patel in a press conference has lashed out at Indian Railways for not letting him get a reservation through IRCTC website.

Hardik Patel gives 1 day ultimatum to IRCTC for his ticket reservation.
Hardik Patel gives 1 day ultimatum to IRCTC for his ticket reservation.

“Even after trying for 3 hours at a stretch I was not able to book 3 berths in 3rd AC. I was so fedup that I threw the laptop in the flames of the bus which our brothers had just burnt,” Hardik fumed in anger and told reporters. He further told reporters that he had to then book 3 business class airline tickets using his iPhone 6 using his platinum credit card.

After sipping his Diet-Pepsi he further threatened, “If IRCTC does not let me book tickets, I will ask my millionaire NRI Patel brothers to not invest in coal mines in India anymore. No investment, no workers, no coal, no rails. Further we will not even supply a single drop of milk to railways. Good luck to railway passengers with no cups of semi-cold tea-coffee during those long rail journeys.”

Hardik’s followers were apparently so outraged at his not getting a reservation at IRCTC website that they took out their anger on anything remotely related to websites and internet. They ended up ravaging 2 cyber-cafes, 3 laptop showrooms and 5 computer accessories shops where they burned numerous laptops, crushed hard-disks and even chewed LAN cables. No arrests however have been made in this case as yet.

However the repercussions of this incident were felt throughout the country. A lot of secular liberal political leaders have come in Hardik’s support after this incident. They have condemned IRCTC for depriving a poor minority of his rights to commute at reasonable prices and forcing him to travel business class.

Meanwhile, AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal has sent his party worker to Gujarat to have talks with Hardik Patel and check if providing WiFi to Gujarat will solve the problem.