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Hardik Patel's popularity among engineering students skyrockets after sex CD leak; BJP worried

15, Nov 2017 By @jurnoleast

Hardik Patel’s sex CD may have caused some embarrassment to the Patidar community with many having double thoughts over having him as their leader for the election. But interestingly the Patelboy has become a hero for the engineering students across the country.

The video which went viral yesterday has already found its way to most of the engg colleges across the country making Hardik a popular figure between an overwhelmingly large numbers of students.

A student from a local engineering college who hosts a porn server in the campus spoke to our reporter and said, “Since the time I have uploaded the video, it has got more than a lakh views. At one point it even crashed the server.”

Uski umar lag bhag hamare itni hi hogi, fir bhi dekho sex kar raha hai. Aur hum, Facebook aur Tinder pe  ghoom rahe hai katora lekar,” said third year IIT-D student Anuj Khurana(name changed to protect identity).

“Not sure if he’ll win the elections but he is my hero now,” said another, wearing Hardik T-shirts similar to Che Guevera shirts clearly indicating that the Patidar firebrand has a large fan following.

With Gujrat elections just around the corner, Hardik’s newfound popularity is giving senior BJP leaders sleepless nights.

“Clearly the sex CD trick has backfired. Whoever came up with that idea clearly underestimated the engineering community,” said a senior journalist tracking the Gujarat elections.