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Haryana BJP President: My son was just checking if Chandigarh police reaches on time to help a woman

07, Aug 2017 By Santosh Pradhan

After Haryana Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) president’s son, Vikas Barala, arrested for stalking and drink driving, was released on bail on Saturday, politicians and social media users are accusing Chandigarh Police of buckling under pressure and going soft against the accused. But Vikas’s father, Mr. Subhash Barala, who is also the Haryana BJP chief has come out in support saying that all his son was doing was ensuring women are safe in Chandigarh, by checking if police came to rescue the woman on time.

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According to Subhash, BJP is really worried about unfortunate incidents happening with woman in and around Chandigarh, so he gave this duty to his son to check if the police is working fine. Subhash spoke to our Faking News reporter and had this to say,” Vikas is a good boy, he does what I tell him to do. I requested him to roam around Chandigarh during the nights, stalk woman, follow them and check if the police does take some action in stopping such incidents. Apparently, the police did take action and it proves that the police is working very well. My son should get the bravery award for taking the extra mile in ensuring women protection.”

After Subhash’s statement, even the agitating Congress leaders have toned down their voice and have appreciated Subhash for being so considerate about woman safety. In fact some leaders even said that this incident has set the precedent for other state chiefs. The party chiefs in other states should also make their sons do such selfless duty for the nation, a duty which which help many women during the hour of emergency.

Chandigarh police is meanwhile confused as to what to do with Vikas, because nothing in the incident suggests that it was a pre-planned activity.