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Having lost his girlfriend to US-based Indian groom, Chennai man to do ferocious online campaign in support of Donald Trump

20, Mar 2016 By manithan

Chennai: A 28-year old man from this city has vowed to make Donald Trump the next President of USA.

Trump’s reaction upon hearing support from Indian men who had lost their girlfriends to US grooms.
Trump’s reaction upon hearing support from Indian men who had lost their girlfriends to US grooms.

Donald Trump, the probable Republican candidate for the US Presidential election has got an unexpected supporter from India, Manikandan (28) hailing from Velachery area of Chennai and working in Some Solutions for six long years is the guy trumpeting to make Trump the next POTUS.

Speaking exclusively to Faking News, Manikandan said, “All these years, I knew politics as much as main stream media knew facts. I never voted, never cared for who won or lost. All that mattered to me was my Divya. She was my angel, my princess and my queen. We had been in relationship for eight years. We even decided upon our children’s names. But, every dream of me got crushed because of that b@st*rd Dinesh.”

Manikandan, who was smiling five minutes before, started palpitating and fuming with palms clutched. Gritting his teeth, he continued, “My parents were very much happy to accept Divya. But, she and her parents made a strict condition that she will have to settle in USA after marriage. Working for a US client, I pitched in for my H1B visa. I had picked fight for my visa from my manager to embassy gate security. But all my efforts went futile, as I am unable to get visa. In the meantime, Divya’s parents got this Dinesh’s profile. Divya dumped me last month and has now landed in Boston marrying Dinesh, taking away all my happiness.”

Controlling his tears, Mani continued, “To quench my depression, I started drinking in my room. Two days back, I was watching this white haired guy talking in TV. The moment he said that ‘he will build wall to prevent migrants from entering US‘, I had a sudden surge of energy. I went and kissed the TV screen. Then, I started reading more about him and got convinced that he is the right man for that job.”

“I will be spamming every mailbox, every timeline and every hashtag lending support for Trump and convincing the Americans there that he must be the next President. Already, I’m all praise for Trump in client calls everyday. Not only me, we have a Facebook group with 3 lakh men already. We all share similar sorrows – of losing our GFs to US-based Indian grooms. I am sure that we all can convert atleast a million Americans in the next eight months to vote for Trump. This is not to satiate our sorrows, but to prevent future men to lose their Girlfriends to US-based Indian men, ” said Mani, who then shouted ‘Trump for President’.