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Heavy losses for bookies who were betting Shiv Sena will oppose NDA’s Presidential candidate

21, Jun 2017 By dasu

Mumbai: According to our sources, leading bookies in India have suffered huge losses after Shiv Sena decided to extend its support for NDA’s presidential candidate Ram Nath Kovind.  

“Such a terrible week for us. First India lost to Pakistan in the champions trophy final on Sunday and now see what happened, Shiv Sena supported BJP’s presidential candidate,” said one bookie who told us not reveal his identity while speaking to us.

The bookie added, “I do not know the reason why Shiv Sena did a u-turn within twenty four hours. To start with there was heavy betting that Shiv Sena will definitely oppose whomsoever BJP propose as candidate. People put good amount of money because there is history to back this betting. In 2007, Shiv Sena went against NDA candidate Bhairon Singh Shekhawt, supported Pratibha Patil. In 2012 again they repeated the same, supported Pranab Mukherjee instead of NDA’s P A Sangma.”

“In our circle, there are people who were saying if PM Modi selects someone from Shiv Sena for President, still the party will oppose him.”

The bookie said, “People like us who suffered huge losses due to reversal of India Pakistan match result, we thought this is an opportunity to recover some of our losses. We added more money after Uddhavji told press immediately after Ram Nath Kovind’s name was announced, that there are attempts being made to play politics over a Dalit presidential candidate. If that is so, we are not interested in backing him. Now see, what happened.”

When we asked the bookie, what is the next step you are planning, he said, “Like me, many people from Maharashtra have suffered because of such unexpected decision. We have requested for a meeting appointment with Uddhavji, we are hopeful he will listen to us and change his stand.”