To help CBI team filing their IT return Chidambaram offers to stay in CBI custody till Monday

01, Sep 2019 By dasu

New Delhi: There are media houses who are hailing former finance minister P Chidambaram’s offer to stay in CBI custody till Monday as ‘unprecedented’, but the actual truth is former FM opted to stay longer as he wanted to help CBI officials and their family and close relatives in filing IT return before the extended deadline ends on 31st Aug, and then next two days in case someone wants to file revise returns.


While commenting on this, Mr. Abhishek Sibal, a close friend of the former FM said, “Mr. Chidambaram could not see the struggle CBI officials were facing while filing their IT return. Being a FM for so many years, he knows very well what to fill like being a senior lawyer he knows how to evade the long hands of the law”.

“There were officials while discussing about next high-profile case to target, were asking HM Mr. Shah ji how to fill IT return. When Mr. Shah himself is struggling as Arun Ji is no more there to help him in filing IT return, how can he help these guys to fill IT return”, added Mr. Sibal who filled his return while doing night out with Former FM a week back.

Mr. Sibal sees in the current government there is definitely lack of skill to fill IT return. During UPA time, we had PM Manmohan Ji who is a ex FM, then experts like Vadra JI who first fills this IT return at the beginning of the year, keep a local copy and then does the transactions for the rest of the year according to that.

“Yeh Governmen mein toh jyaada tar statue experts hain. You ask them what the ideal height of a statue is should be, a junior minister can calculate and say in a minute. PM Modi does not have to file IT return as he spends more than 180 days outside India”, added Mr. Sibal.

Mr. Sibal expects with this news out, apex court will be kinder towards Chidambaram from now on.