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Highlights from Independence Day party thrown by Prime Minister

18, Aug 2013 By Anil Sharma

New Delhi: After hoisting the Indian flag at the Red Fort for the 10th time, Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Sing threw a rocking party that evening, sources tell Faking News.

According to the reliable sources, this party was not preordained and the idea came to Dr. Singh immediately after finishing the Independence Day speech where he gently warned Pakistan and asked them to stop all their terror acts for the 25987th time.

Manmohan Singh
Prime Minister is happy with a job well done, Congress sources say.

“Speaking for 35 minutes is not an easy job for someone like Manmohan Jee, but he did that for the nation, still people are complaining that he was not as energetic and excited as he should be while addressing the nation on such a special occasion,” said the External Affairs Ministers Salman Khurshid, who later on also managed to remember Sanjay Dutt and Narendra Modi.

Sources further reveal that Dr. Manmohan Singh was very happy when he winded up his final (most probably) Independence Day speech at the Red Fort. He apparently muttered, “Sigh, that was it, I’ll never have to speak again now, ek party toh banti hai yaar.”

And there was a party that night. Although only VIPs were invited to the party, this Faking News reporter did manage to get a pass from a VIP after paying him ₹420/-

Here are few of the highlights from the happening party: 

Dr. Manmohan Singh was sitting in a corner with a smile on his face. He was sitting next to Congress President Sonia Gandhi, and yes, he was listening to her.

Raj Babbar was eating “bahut sara chaawal” as fast as he could, maybe because it was free; he seemed happy saving his 12 bucks.

“After exactly 2 years, we should let Narayan Dutt Tiwari hoist the flag at the Red Fort, it would be very apt,” Manish Tewari caught joking as everyone laughed. It appears Manish Tewari is a rich man.

“Man, this Manmohan dude’s party sucks, but not this one,” a Twitter celeb was overheard talking to his friends.

Digvijay Singh was busy writing Independence Day speeches for Rahul Gandhi for the upcoming years.

On the other hand, Rahul Gandhi got very angry when he asked for food on his table and the attendant told him, “Keep calm, hunger is just a state of mind.”

Meanwhile the Defense Minister A.K. Antony laughed out loud when someone said, “So, India is planning to import onions from China & Pakistan, but aren’t they already giving us enough things that make us cry.”