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Hindu groups forcefully reconvert Dinars to Rupees, people leaving for Gulf miffled

13, Dec 2014 By manithan

Chennai: Communal and fringe Hindutva groups today stormed inside the Foreign Exchange outlets here in the city and forced people to re-convert the Kuwaiti Dinar back to Indian Rupees. They termed it as “paisa wapsi” movement.

Around 9 am, five different groups of Hindu Revolutionary Movement (HRM), a cocktail of RSS and VHP, stormed into the foreign exchange outlets in five different areas of the city, including Anna International airport. They then demanded the exchange officials to immediately stop all transactions and forced them to surrender their Dinar back to the outlets.

They even forced people leaving outside those outlets to go back and return the dinars at the counter. Witnesses reveal how they tried to pacify the innocent bystanders in the outlet to ‘re-convert dinar back to rupees and get a BPL TV set as gift’. The 57 people who had re-converted rupees were given one rupee and were welcomed as NRI (Now Returned Indians).

The note that was being converted.
The note that was being converted.

Speaking to Faking News, HRM leader Ramasamy Naidu, said, “This conversion of Rupees to Dinar is taking place for the past seven decades. Do you know how many Rupees we have lost for the Dinars and Dollars? Everyone talks in dollars here, not in rupees. Remember, for every 213 rupees you lose, you get only one dinar back. At this rate, Rupee share will be just 2% of the overall currency share, while Dinar  and Dollar both will climb from 10% in 1947 to 98% in 2017. We have to do this to preserve our national currency and to fight against currency evaluevangalism.”

Another leader, Krishnasamy, said, “This is not re-conversion. This is ‘paisa wapsi‘. People are born with paisa in their hands. Even elders insert rupee notes into the hands of toddler, not dollars. As we grow, we get rupees and not dollars as pocket money. But, the globalisation and luring of innocent Indians with job offers in America, Europe and Middle East, have made them to convert Rupees to Dollars, Euros and Dinars.”

“There is heavy inflow of such foreign currencies via the tourists who visit India. They come here under tourist visas, but insert the alien currencies into our national reserves. We have to somehow stop this foreign currency conversion and convert all the money in India to Rupees. Let the Dollars go back to America and Dinars go back to Middle east. Even the world values Dollars and Dinars more than Rupees, which indirectly show that the world is anti-Rupee. This is currency Jihad and paisa harvesting. We have to stop this and this is just our first action. Next week, we will be visiting Foreign Exchange outlets in other cities to initiate ‘paisa wapsi‘ thereby urging 250 Indians to re-convert Dollars to Rupees,” he added.

This issue rocked the parliament and the opposition stormed the well, asking for laws to control people using rupees. Congress leader Anand Sharma said, “This forceful conversion of Dinars to Rupees by the rabid Hindutvavadis has affected the secular fabric of this country. Therefore, Sadhvi Niranjan Jyothi must resign.”

BJP spokesperson has distanced their party from such such Hindu groups and commented, “The opposition is talking like Rupee is not their currency. We feel that they are getting paid from their masters in Dinars and Dollars. We have decided to introduce Anti-Conversion Bill, whereby showing that Bill, you need not convert your Rupee to Dinar or Dollar.”

A HDL tweet in Twitter read, “Where were seculars when Rupee was converted in masses to Dollars and Dinars? If conversion of Rupee to Dollar is right, why re-conversion is wrong?”