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Honey Bees request to keep them out of the political bullshit

18, Mar 2010 By Pagal Patrakar

Lucknow. A group claiming to represent common honeybees in India has requested media and the civil society not to drag their community in the ongoing political bullshit over appearance of a swarm of bees during a political rally. The swarm was seen near the podium where Chief Minister of an Indian state was addressing her party workers this Monday. Later, appearance of the bees was deemed as a political conspiracy.

“We sincerely request the human beings and their institutions not to drag honeybees in the whole controversy. Our daily lives are governed by the question of existence and not some political bullshit.” said Madhu the honeybee, chairman of Bee Safekeeping Party (BSP).

Lucknow Bee Attack
The white spots seen in the picture above are honeybees, which has created a political controversy in the country

Madhu said that initially BSP members laughed off the matter, but were forced to issue a statement after they learnt that an FIR was filed in the case.

“We have seen no FIRs being registered even when people were killed in broad daylight and school going girls being raped, but you guys are quite serious this time, isn’t it?” Madhu asked as well as wondered.

Although Madhu insisted that the society of honeybees was apolitical in nature, she couldn’t stop herself from smelling a conspiracy in the whole episode. She personally believed that there was more than what met the bees’ eyes.

“What is making you guys so interested in bees? I just heard you had some sugar shortage in your country. I guess you guys are eyeing our honey now. This talk of conspiracy by one party against other is all hogwash. Ultimately all your political parties aim to team up to plunder some resources.” Madhu said with a hint of cynicism towards the political leaders of the human beings.

Madhu and other members of the BSP have also expressed fears that some members of their society could be illegally detained for questioning in this matter, now that an FIR has been filed. BSP made it clear that they had no idea who could be behind the incident (who lit the fire that disturbed the beehive).

“Dude, we were running for our life; and we have been running like this for ages since you guys discovered fire and thought you discovered civilization. We have no idea. Please keep us out of this.” Madhu requested again.