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HRD ministry moves Good Governance Day to Holi, opposition cries foul

24, Dec 2014 By manithan

New Delhi. HRD ministry, which had initially planned to celebrate Good Governance Day on December 25, has now decided to move that day to be observed on Holi – a Hindu festival of colors and secular festival of saving water.

This was done after many secular parties and people had opposed Good Governance Day being celebrated on Christams – a universal festival of merry making and brotherhood.

If no deal is reached on this “Good Governance Day” issue, BJP have decided to request Atal Bihari Vajpayee to change his birthday from 25th December to 27th December, so that they can observe Good Governance Day on that day.

Speaking to Faking News, a highly placed source inside the HRD ministry, also called as Smriti Irani, said, “We have had enough rey. No more fiddling with any religion other than Hinduism. So, we have decided to observe all government related functions only during Hindu festivals. Effective next year, Good Governance Day will be observed during Holi. Students apart from applying colors on each other’s faces will be required to give speeches and write essays on Good Governance.”

However, this has failed to satisfy those who had been opposing the move. Now they are opposing it being moved to Holi.

“By allying Good Governance Day with a Hindu festival, Smriti Irani has proved that she is being remote controlled by Rashtriya SwayamSevak Sangh. Does the HRD circular mean Good Governance is related only to Hinduism? Does RSS mean to convey the message to the world that only Hindus can do good governance? Is this not a precursor to the Hindu Rashtra that RSS and BJP have planned?” an editorial in The Times of India read.

Joseph Thayal, a human right activist whose religious organization shall we forget, said, “This is suppression and oppression of the minorities pushing them into depressions and repression. We will never allow it. Haven’t Christians successfully governed the whole world once upon a time, in the form of British, French, Dutch, Spanish and Portuguese? Do the amateur Hindutvavadis need to teach us Christians about Good Governance? Even the word Governance have the word ‘Nuns’ in it. It is our very own invention!”

Abdul Rahman, another human right activist and whose religious affiliations are beyond our realm of observance, said, “Our Prophet established Parliaments and gave perfect laws to deal with humans. One can learn governance from our religion. By observing Good Governance Day on Holi, which is a festival that affects the skin of our young kids, is the Modi government sending a message that their governance will spoil the health of the future India? This is atrocious. I request Modi to observe Good Governance Day on some other day rather than on Hindu festivals.”

Opposition parties, which includes TMC and other smaller parties like Congress and Samajwadi Party, have decided to stall the parliament for another one week and also during the next sessions, raising this issue. Anant Sharma, an MP said, “Modi should speak about this in both the houses. He should apologize for this fiasco and let HRD ministry reverse its decision of celebrating Good Governance Day on any other Hindu festival day.”