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Human error caused Mamata Banerjee to become Minister

20, Jul 2010 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. A high level fact-finding committee set up by the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to inquire into the problems of Railway Ministry has blamed ‘human error’ for the whole mess. In its preliminary report, the committee pins the culpability on unidentified human beings responsible for making Ms. Mamata Banerjee the Railway Minister, apparently the central reason for all the troubles currently being faced by the Indian Railways.

“We analyzed all the possible reasons for the frequent accidents plaguing railways in the past few months, and were shocked to find out that they had been on rise ever since Mamata Banerjee took over the charge of the ministry. Clearly the origin of the fault lied there.” Ram Prakash, a senior member of the committee, said.

Mamata Banerjee protesting against CPM government (PTI photo)
Mamata Banerjee can’t see any mismanagement in her Ministry

“Our team tried to find out what caused that error i.e. Mamata Banerjee becoming the Minister, and after much deliberations and investigation, we concluded that a ‘human error’ could have caused the catastrophe.” he added.

Mr. Prakash didn’t divulge the details of the nature of the ‘human error’ or the set of human beings who have been held responsible for the error in the report, but our sources indicate that the report blames the Prime Minister himself as he chooses his cabinet of ministers.

“Not really, the report might have put the blame on UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi, as she calls the shot in such matters, and that’s why they are not making it public.” an expert on Railways affairs opined, commenting on the media reports.

A few other experts argued that the report could have blamed the human beings of West Bengal for voting for Didi’s party and ultimately making her the Railway Minister, while others argue that the Leftist leaders were to be blamed for not leaving any other choice for the people of West Bengal but to go along with Didi.

The committee members declined to comment on these rumors and appealed to the media to wait till the report was tabled in the parliament.

It’s not yet clear what punishment would be meted out to the human being responsible for this grave error.