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Husband-wife can’t agree on Narendra Modi, file for divorce

17, Jun 2013 By Pagal Patrakar

Patna. After being denied divorce by family courts even though the couple mutually wanted to end their marriage, Nitish and Sushila have now filed a fresh petition for divorce citing their irreversible disagreement on Narendra Modi.

“Courts would always ask us to go back and try to make it work when we cited reasons like opposite lifestyles and life-goals. They will ask us to wait for a few months before taking a final decision on breaking the marriage; it was frustrating,” 41-year-old Nitish told Faking News.

However, Nitish is now confident that courts would grant him divorce as the relationship between him and his wife has reached a tipping point – they just can’t agree over Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi.

Narendra Modi
Critics claim that this posture suggests a direct fight between the left and the right (hands)

“There is no scope for any middle path or reconciliation, the court has to approve our divorce now,” Nitish said.

Sushila, his wife of 17 years, too confirmed the news. “Finally, good riddance!” she said.

Legal experts say that keeping in mind the recent developments in the country, the courts might not have any other option but to grant divorce to the couple as this Narendra Modi “issue” seems to have no practical solution.

“We expect more civil cases on similar lines. In fact, we have confirmed news that people are signing business contracts where one of the clauses read – this contract will be deemed terminated with effect from the date when both the parties fail to mutually agree on Narendra Modi – employers can fire employees and houseowners can ask tenants to vacate premises if they fail to agree upon Modi,” a leading lawyer told Faking News.

“Of course, Modi is not a party to such contracts, but he will nevertheless be discussed during the disputes,” the lawyer explained.

“Such a polarizing figure, how can he be expected to lead and unite India,” tweeted a person, who had got around 3000 mentions, and counting, when repots last came in.