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I don’t know any Kejriwal, he pulled and hugged me on stage without my permission: Lalu after CBI raid

15, Dec 2015 By @jurnoleast

New Delhi: After CBI raid this morning, RJD Chief Lalu Prasad Yadav, while replying to questions by the media about him hugging Kejriwal on stage, said, “I don’t know any Kejriwal-Fejriwal. Our party was celebrating the Bihar poll victory when this man came up on the stage and pulled me towards him and then hugged me. I can tell you I had no clue who this man was till today, when I saw that CBI officials had raided the secretariat.”

The Lalu-Kejriwal hug
The Lalu-Kejriwal hug

CBI officials revealed that they are closely scrutinizing all that they have managed to gather from the raid and the image of Kejriwal and Lalu hug will be on the radar.

Rabri Devi too remembers the incident and said, “Yes, it’s true. I have seen this man walk up on stage and then suddenly without warning he pulled Laluji and hugged him. “Itni himmat toh laluji me bhi nahi hai, aaj tak unhone bhi  mujhe iss tarah se kheech ke gale nahi lagaya.

Sources close to Lalu Yadav say that the RJD Chief wants to ‘stay away from CBI’ and all such controversies that may even remotely tarnish the political career of his sons.

Apparently, he has sent a bouquet to PM Modi too and indirectly apologized for calling him ‘shaitaan’. “Name calling during election is common. You must have heard names likes shaitaan, chudail, bhrampishach etc being traded. But there is nothing personal and Laluji has respect for the PM,” said Tejasvi Yadav.

Meanwhile, Kejriwal who is rattled with the CBI raid, has cancelled all plans for the weekend.

“Arvindji was to attend the first day first show of SRK-Kajol starrer Dilwale. He had seen DDLJ with bhabhiji atleast 10 times when he was studying at IIT Delhi. But now he has cancelled plans for the movie along with the mandatory movie review,” said Raghav Chaddha, spokesperson for AAP.