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If Modi wins, BJP to throw "Agarbatti Boat Party" at Assi Ghat in Varanasi

15, May 2014 By idiot420

Varanasi. Excited by the exit polls predictions, BJP is all set to throw a grand boat party named ‘Agarbatti Boat Party’ at Assi Ghat in Varanasi to celebrate Modi’s victory.

Local BJP unit is not in a mood to do any compromise with the celebrations, as they have arranged near about 150 boats for the event.

“Unlike Axe Boat party, where organizers are arranging party for just 26 lucky winners, we are arranging it for near about 2600 people,” said BJP Varanasi chief, Anugrah Mishra, who is overlooking the party preparation.

“And all winners will be allowed to bring their mother with them,” he announced.

Agarbatti Boat Party
Promotional pic released by BJP.

To select the invitees, BJP volunteers will be serving tea across the whole city on the election results day. “Plan is to serve near about 1 lakh cup of tea, and out of that 2600 cups will be having small lotus pendant. Lucky winners will get a chance to join the boat party,” Mr Mishra described the selection procedure.

Party is planned to begin with Ganga aarti, followed by bhajan programs and a vegetarian dinner. Reportedly, Alok Nath Ji has been roped in to play the role of DJ.

“To increase the frenziness level among local public, we have invited many pujaris and pandas from different part of the country. They are doing rounds of the city promoting the boat party and motivating people to participate in tea drinking contest to reserve their seat for the party,” a BJP volunteer told Faking News.

We also spotted priests, who were in Varanasi all the way from Tamil Nadu to promote ‘Agarbatti Boat Party’. They were talking to people in Hindi with heavy Tamil accent.

However, BJP’s initiative has not gone down well with a section of intelligentsia and they are calling it a shameless display of BJP’s communal mindset.

“Such events are dangerous to the idea of India. We must stop such things at all cost,” an intellectual appealed to anyone who cared to listen.

Sources say that the intellectuals are writing a petition requesting Muslims to avoid the boat party as it is pretty much possible that they would be thrown in Ganga.

Meanwhile, to counter BJP’s move, Congress is planning to organize a grand party to celebrate their loss. “We are a new age party. hum hain naye, andaaz kyon ho purana. Kattar soch nahi, yuva josh,” quipped party leader Digvijay Singh.