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IIT prof comes up with a formula to find out 'How many Rahuls are equal to 1 Narendra Modi'

01, Jun 2015 By @jurnoleast

Mumbai. It may have been a comment made in jest, but IIT professor Vikram Chaudhary has taken Shiv Sena’s comment seriously. Prof. Chaudhary who heads the dept of applied mathematics at IIT Mumbai has gone ahead and calculated the number of Rahul Gandhi’s that will be equal to 1 Narendra Modi.

The formula is a logarithmic exponential poly-quadratic equation, factoring variables such as man-hours, domestic and overseas tours, speeches/interviews given and so on over a period of time. Prof Vikram says, “Going by the comparison numbers, PM Modi is way ahead of Rahul Gandhi. The only equating factor is attendance in parliament which is dismal for both.”

Rahul vs Modi has now excited IITians
Rahul vs Modi has now excited IITians

Latching on to this opportunity, BJP spokesperson said, “What we have been saying for so long has now been validated by academicians also.” Thereafter some crackers were burst outside BJP HQ.

However Congress party has expressed its displeasure saying that the equation is flawed because it does not consider efforts of Rahul Gandhi after his return from self discovery trip. Senior congress leader Digvijay Singh lashed out at the findings saying that Narendra Modi himself is an imaginary number. “He should stop misleading the nation through such hate campaign and focus on fulfilling what he promised the nation before the elections. Narendra Modi can never  reach the level of Rahul Gandhi,” he said as he reached out to touch Rahul Gandhi’s feet in a photo.

But Prof. Chaudhary has said that the equation was not worked upon to show Rahul Gandhi in negative light.

“Congress party should take it in a positive way instead of being in denial,” he argued.

The only consolation and positive that Congress derived from this formula is when Prof Chaudhary pointed that Rahul can take heart from the fact that he alone is equal to 2.5 KRK’s.