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I'll take over Venkaiah Ji’s responsibility of saying innovative full forms: PM

19, Jul 2017 By dasu

New Delhi: After Venkaiah Naidu was elected as NDA’s Vice-Presidential candidate, many Indians including us were worried who will take over his ‘Primary’ responsibility. That is to give new and innovative full forms every day on every subject.

PM Modi

“In the cabinet meeting that happened yesterday evening, Prime Minister came forward and told everyone, much to the relief for all of us who were present that he will take charge of Venkaiah Ji’s ‘primary’ responsibility,” said a senior member of the cabinet who wanted to remain anonymous.

While sharing little bit of information about what transpired at the cabinet meeting, the senior minister said, “Among all of us who were present, Smriti Ji was most relaxed, probably she knew she will get the ‘minor’ work I&B ministry, so no added responsibility will come her way. It was Arun Ji who looked most tense. Every time Prime Minister looked at him, he was looking other way.”

“It was natural for Arun Ji to be nervous because compared to others his work pressure is less. Situation with Pakistan and China, remains tense to highly tense leaving no scope for further deterioration, GST is already done, next year budget is long way with not many things available to do now. Most importantly no new accusations from Kirti Azad or Arvind Kejriwal, so no more defamation suits to file. PM feels he is mostly free,” said the minister.

The minister added “I can see the relief on Arun Ji’s face when Modi Ji said I will do it for ‘now’. That is when he said let us ‘grow stronger together’. We did not realize it is the new full form of GST till he explicitly said it.”

In the meantime, Venkaiah Ji was inconsolable after being told that he can no longer share his full forms to maintain the ‘dignity’ of the Vice-President position once he gets selected. “He stopped weeping after PM said he will create a separate WhatsApp group for this purpose, where people like him, Naidu ji can share their full forms. Arun Ji will be the admin of that WhatsApp group,” said the cabinet minister.