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He is immature, doesn't know that politicians are allowed to beat only toll booth workers: Karnataka Congress MLA defends his son

19, Feb 2018 By Sandeep Kadian

Bengaluru: Karnataka Congress legislator NA Haris’s son Mohammed Haris Nalapad has gotten into a bit of trouble for assaulting a man in a pub and then later on visiting the hospital to warn him. He has surrendered to the Police after the issue generated a lot of political outrage and has been expelled from the party for 6 years as well. Now his father, NA Haris has come out in defence of his son and has said that leniency should be shown to his son on grounds of his immaturity.

Nadaan Baalak

Speaking to the press, Mr. Haris said ,”Seasoned politicians from every party know that politicians can only assault toll booth workers without facing any consequences. In fact, that is why there are so many toll booths even on badly maintained roads, so that politicians can legally take out their frustrations somewhere. However, my immature son was yet to learn this very important political lesson. He ended up assaulting a person in a pub, in a pub! Everyone knows that anything done in a pub generates maximum outrage in this country, everyone except my son obviously.”

“Such ignorance about political violence protocol clearly shows that he is an immature boy and therefore, I appeal to the authorities to show some leniency towards him. He wasn’t even aware of the upcoming elections in the state before assaulting someone in public, what greater proof can I give to prove that he is an immature, ignorant fellow”, he further added.

Meanwhile, people in Gurgaon were wondering what is illegal about beating someone up inside a pub.