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Impressed by his own failure to understand what's exactly happening in Bihar politics, Nolan to make a movie on it

19, Feb 2015 By idiot420

Patna. Ace Hollywood director Christopher Nolan, who in search of his next movie plot is currently visiting Patna, has finally decided to make movie on Bihar’s current political crisis.

As per Nolan, it was the level of complexity of the situation which attracted his attention.

Lalu Yadav is ready to finance the movie.

“I tried to understand the whole scenario. Who is supporting whom? Why Manjhi is behaving the way he is behaving? Who is in majority inside the state assembly? Why JDU is both on the ruling side and in the opposition? It’s so confusing and inspiring at the same time that I am just loving it,” said the acclaimed filmmaker adding that even after three hours of try he failed to understand the complete picture, “I was so impressed that I immediately locked the plot for my next movie.”

Nolan has a history of making movies around complex topics, and he openly acknowledges his love for movies and situations which challenge human intellect and understanding power.

“Back in school, once I failed to solve a math equation and I was so fascinated that with the help of my teacher I made a short film on it,” Nolan continued, “I completely understood my own short film three years after making it.”

Adding further, Nolan revealed that he was really impressed with Jitan Ram Manjhi and found him to be a very interesting character.

“He has a multi layered personality. Nobody knows, what will be his next step. Unhein samajhna mushkil hi nahi, namumkin hai, and precisely that’s what I like about him. In fact, I like anything which is hard to understand. For example, the language in which dogs bark. You never know what exactly they are saying,” explained Nolan while tasting local delicacy litti-chokha.

Super complex cate politics, which is pretty tough to understand, is one of the very important factors which caught Nolan’s imagination. Trying to explain the local caste politics will be the prime goal of his movie, as explaining black hole was in the “Interstellar”.

“I will be releasing my movie before Bihar elections, and in the climax you will find out which way Mahadalit votes are going,” Nolan made promise to reveal what many political experts are eager to know, as Jitan Ram Manjhi represents the same section of the society.