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Independent MLA from Delhi asks Rajiv Shukla to help him get auctioned IPL style

10, Dec 2013 By idiot420

New Delhi. Failing to get any fair deal, Nirdaliya Sharma, an Independent MLA from Delhi has requested former chairman of IPL Rajiv Shukla to help him get auctioned IPL style.

An ardent fan of Madhu Koda, Nirdaliya dreams to repeat the same what Koda did in Jharkhand by becoming the Chief Minister of state despite being an independent MLA.

Nirdaliya had earlier tried to sell-off himself by uploading his profile on OLX and eBay, but failed to get buyers. He was asking for deputy chief minister’s post in exchange for his support.

Rajiv Shukla
Shukla explaining that the hammer will come down thrice before the MLA is declared sold

“These days political parties are very afraid of sting operations, probably that’s why they are not involving themselves directly into any kind of horse trading,” said Nirdaliya, blaming the anti-sentiments wave, “It is then, a friend of mine suggested name of Shri Rajiv Shukla as the only person who could help me to get best deal.”

Sources close to the power corridors say that Shri Shukla was initially reluctant, but later when Nirdaliya begged and reminded him of his actual duties, Rajiv agreed.

“If you are doctor, it’s your duty to help the patient even if he is your enemy. I am a gifted man and have been blessed with talent of negotiations, I can’t let it go waste. Delhi needs me, my country needs me,” declared a spirited Rajiv Shukla.

Ab bhi jiska khoon na khaula, khun nahi woh paani hai, jo is desh ke kaam na aaye, woh bekar jawani hai,” he added.

Reportedly, Rajiv Shukla has already started the process of auction which will take place in a completely legal way.

A close aide of Shukla revealed that it will not be Nirdaliya Sharma who is going to be auctioned, it will be his shoes. Party placing the highest bid on the shoes will become owner of the shoes, and informally, of its owner.

While it appears a perfect plan, experts are not sure if this is going to work.

“Both BJP and AAP are not interested in forming the government, while Congress can’t even if it buys the MLA. I think this is not going to help,” an expert said.

But Rajiv Shukla has factored that in.

“Auction will take place at a 5 star hotel and few companies, mainly shoe brands like Adidas and Nike have agreed to sponsor the event,” he said, “If nothing, we will earn sponsorship revenues as TV is only talking about Delhi elections these days.”