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India outsources Visa services to China, will let them issue visas to India

25, Apr 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: Attacked from all sides for its flip-flop over the visa to exiled Uighur-Chinese leader Dolkun Isa. Narendra Modi Government has decided to outsource Indian Visa services to China. China will now decide who gets visa to India and who doesn’t.

Indian Visa
Now Indian Visa will also be Made In China

As per experts, this step is likely to bring efficiency to Indian immigration system and we are less likely to see any embarrassment like the one we saw after the visa to Mr. Dolkun Isa.

While political opponents have roundly criticized this step and accused Modi government of bowing down to the Chinese, Government officials are defending this and claiming that this has been done only to save money and increase efficiency of the system.

“Outsourcing to cut costs and enhance efficiency is a global reality these days. Not just corporations, but Governments are also looking to outsource so India has decided to go down that path as well. Instead of India first issuing a visa, then China objecting and then cancellation of visa, we can directly let China decide who gets to enter India and who doesn’t. This will greatly improve the general efficiency of our immigration system”, said a spokesperson for the Ministry of External Affairs.

A BJP spokesperson on the condition of anonymity said, “We are just delegating tasks that aren’t productive to China so that our fellow Indian citizens are free to do more important things, like trending #ModiSlapsChina on Twitter. China can decide who gets to enter India but we will decide who gets to leave India so we are still in control.”

When we asked the spokesperson how Mr. Vijay Mallya escaped if India was deciding who gets to leave India, he said, “That is what I am saying. Earlier, we were so busy checking who gets to enter that we couldn’t focus on wjho is leaving India. Now with this task outsourced to China, our officials can fully concentrate on the Mallyas of this world.”

Meanwhile, China has clarified that Narendra Modi can travel wherever he please as of now and they aren’t going to protest against the visa stamps on his passport.