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Indian border with China to be fenced with Nimbu-Mirchi

14, Oct 2009 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. After expressing regret, disappointment, and heartbreak over China’s objection, outrage, and warning on Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s visit to Arunachal Pradesh, India has finally decided to secure its border with China by fencing it with nimbu-mirchi (lemon and chili).

Nimbu-mirchi is a popular and reliable tool among Indians for warding off evil forces from attacking them. The decision has drawn mixed reactions from various quarters.

“I don’t believe in black magic. I see it as a security step while you call it superstition. Just like I go to a poor man’s house and you call it a dalit’s house,” Congress leader Rahul Gandhi justified the move of the government, saying it was a befitting reply to the nonsensical uttering of China.

Such tools will be deployed along the border with China to protect us from the enemy
Such tools will be deployed along the border with China to protect us from the enemy

BJP has surprisingly welcomed the decision as it believes that the step will secure the Indian territory from the evil eyes of the Chinese, but has criticized the government of doing ‘too little too late’.

The party has demanded that black  worn out shoes should also be hung from the barbed wires along with a board with the message “buri nazar wale tera munh kala” (o ye man with the evil eyes, let your face be black) written in Chinese on it. But Congress has rejected the suggestion saying it can jeopardize India’s relationship with the African countries.

Defense experts have by and large welcomed the step calling it a welcome change from the usual ‘appeasement policy’ followed by India in the bilateral relations, but have cautioned that China could very well ‘misuse’ and ‘misappropriate’ the tools employed by India.

“We must make sure that they don’t run away with the lemon and chilies to make hakka noodles or chili chicken. We have intelligence reports that Chinese are actually looking forward to the fencing of the border and ready to replace our lemon and chilies with Chinese ones, which are of quite inferior quality and may not work as intended,” Vishnu Bellani, a defense expert cautioned.

Meanwhile China has again expressed deep anguish and objection over these reports and has accused India of fomenting trouble along with the disputed borders by indulging in such acts. China has especially warned of dire consequences if Shimla Mirch (capsicum) was used for fencing the borders. It should be noted that Dalai Lama resides in Dharamsala, which is very near to Shimla in the hitherto undisputed Indian state of Himachal Pradesh.

Common citizens of India have expressed hope over the development and are praying that peace prevails in the region, but they also fear that there could be a scam in the mass sourcing of the lemons and chilies in coming days, pushing the prices of goods, especially the food prices, further up. Many people have already started hoarding nimbu-mirchi.