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Indian flags waved in Delhi stadium & old Srinagar on Independence Day, FIR registered

15, Aug 2015 By lovejihadi

Srinagar/Delhi. Indian flags were hoisted by some miscreants in two separate incidences in Delhi and Srinagar this afternoon. This is for the first time this year when Indian flags were hoisted in any rallies in both places, shocking the entire nation.

In Delhi, eyewitnesses told Faking News that soon after student were made to display the name of Mr. Fakriwal on placards in a stadium, clashes broke out between Mr. Fakriwal’s supporters and another group.

During the clashes, some youth, who were wearing masks and called themselves “patriots”, waved the Indian flag in the same stadium where the ceremony was on to felicitate Mr. Fakriwal for getting Delhi independence.

“How dare they! This is terrorism!” one Fakriwal supporter told this reporter, talking about attempts of the patriot group to unfurl Indian flag inside the stadium.

Instead of high flying name of a messiah, the flying tricolor shocked many.
Instead of high flying name of a messiah, the sight of flying tricolor shocked many.

Soon afterwards, large posters across Delhi were put up blaming PM directly for this incidence. The posters mentioned “Pradhanmantri Sir! Plij! Hame placard lagane dijiye! Ham theek placard lage rahe hain.”

Ms. Falka Lamba (Chief Investigator of Mr. Fakriwal’s party and world record holder for the fastest healed head injury) said that they have started the investigations into the matter.

“Yes, a flag was hoisted by some youth inside the premises of this stadium and we are checking the video footage to identify which flag it was. We have registered an FIR with our internal police and are investigating. I will personally look into the matter and will throw away the billing machine ermm, I mean flag if I ever find it,” she said.

A subordinate of Mrs. Lamba, Asutosh showed confidence in Mrs. Lamba’s abilities and said, “Madam pakad lengi un atankiyon ko, kanoon ke hath bahut Lamba hote hain.. hehe

The Delhi police is also investigating the Delhi incidence. It has been attempting to decipher the real meaning of Indian flags being waved at a stadium where felicitation for Mr. Fakriwal was going on.

According to preliminary reports, these patriotic groups were fed up of what they termed as narcissism and hypocrisy of Mr. Fakriwal, but such reports were rejected as “paid” by many commentators in media.

Indian flag was also waved in parts of Kashmir today, however Kashmir government spokesperson denied the presence of patriots in the state.

“You have to understand that no patriot has been identified so far in the valley. The flag of India was waved by some pandits who crossed the border and infiltrated from Jammu,” he told reporters.

But many Human Rights activists have condemned the incident.

“All our fears are coming true under Modi rule, not surprised at all this has come down to this,” Saakar Patel, part of Damnasty international told Faking News referring to the attack on local culture in Jammu & Kashmir.

“What next? Loud patriotic songs and Krantiveer on loop on local cable TVs in epicenteres of secularism? Is that the future we are heading too?” he asked with angst.

Dr. Amartya Sen, talking about these incidences on a panel discussion on TV said that the message is to threaten the very ideas of free thought and humanity and its terror attacks (Indian flag hoisting in this case) can not be tolerated in any civilized liberal society.

Dr. Sen further added, “Ethical hypocrisy is not an intellectual construct the ideologically minded understand and tolerate well, but honest duplicity is the essence of modern liberalism and we must protect it at any cost.”

We are still trying to figure what Dr. Sen said at the time of publishing this report.