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Indian Mujahideen defuses bombs planted at Digvijay Singh’s house

08, Jul 2013 By indianpsycho

New Delhi. In what is being perceived as a total shift from their approach and strategy, Indian Mujahideen has today claimed to have defused over 100 bombs planted at Congress leader Digvijay Singh’s house over the last one year.

“We have received a letter where IM has claimed responsibility for defusing bombs, an unusual break from letters that claimed responsibilities for planting and blasting bombs,” a Delhi Police official disclosed.

Digvijaya Singh
Digvijay Singh has thanked the unidentified “mujahideen ji” for the kind act

Sources say IM claimed this responsibility after it feared that Digvijay Singh may give credit to RSS behind these defusions too.

Indian Mujahideen has further clarified that this was not any act of generosity even though many experts believe that IM is a group of innocent persons who are always falsely implicated by the evil security agencies of India.

Explaining their unusual conduct, terrorists from IM claim that statements of Digvijay Singh have done far greater damage to the psyche of Indians than the actual blasts they have carried out so far.

“With blasts we are only killing the people once, but Mr. Singh has gone on to the next level by altering the genes of Indians forever, which will continue to affect them for generations to come. We can’t lose such a precious asset,” an innocent terrorist of IM told Faking News.

After the news was put in public domain, Prime Minister condemned the act of Indian Mujahideen out of habit. However, he soon realized the changed scenario and congratulated Digvijay Singh for making dependable friends.

But not everyone is happy. Many on Twitter expressed concern over sinister design of the Indian Mujahideen.

“You know I can hope to come out alive and unscathed from these chhota-mota blasts, but these verbal blasts have proved to be fatal,” said a distraught person switching Indian news channels.

Some of the other places on the hit-list protect-list of Indian Mujahideen are KRK’s alleged mansions (in Mumbai, France and on the Moon – places where he claims to have real estate properties) and Rakhi Sawant’s kholi.