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Indian Navy ships seen in Bay of Bengal, TMC alleges Modi trying to invade Bengal via Sea

02, Dec 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Kolkata: A day after claiming that Modi is imposing emergency on Bengal, CM Mamata Banerjee has alleged that India is now trying to invade Bengal via sea. She made this statement after some ships of the Indian Navy were spotted in Bay of Bengal.

Get out of Bay of Bengal

Earlier yesterday, TMC had alleged that Modi is imposing emergency and trying to overthrow the elected government in Bengal by using Indian Army. Army sources had clarified that it is a regular exercise they conduct every year but this explanation wasn’t accepted by Mamata Di and her party.

“We have been reliably informed that Indian ships are present in Bay of Bengal.  This is an assault on the federal structure of the country. When the bay is Bengal’s then that means only state government has jurisdiction there. How can Modi send the Navy there? Has he declared emergency? Is he planning to invade Bengal? He must realize that we are also ready for war”, Mamata Di said angrily.

“If Modi wants war then we are also fully prepared. If he is just trying to intimidate us so that we stop protesting against demonetization then he must know that we won’t get scared. I ask him to call back the Naval ships from Bay of Bengal as soon as possible as people are panicking right now amid the uncertainty”, she added.

Senior TMC leader Derek O’Brien also joined in and said,”There has never been an instance of a PM trying to invade one of the states of the country. I should know, I know every bit of trivia thanks to my job experience. Modi should call back his Navy else we will show him what Bengalis are made of.”

Soon after Mamata Di made the allegations, Faking News spoke to an Indian Navy spokesperson for a reaction to her statements, he said ,”Yaar…. Kya yaar… I am applying for voluntary retirement.”