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Indian Railways cancels many long distance trains to prevent derailment of those trains

06, Sep 2017 By Santosh Pradhan

Piyush Goyal took charge as railway minister on Monday at a time when the state-run transporter has recorded the highest number of deaths due to derailments in a decade and is staring at declining business. But Goyal has assured people that he will put railways back on track. One of his first orders was to cancel some long distance trains to prevent the derailments of those trains.


The derailment of long distance trains causes the most problem to the railway authorities as they have to also arrange alternate modes of transportation for the stranded passengers. Cancelling long distance trains and running the short distance trains at a very restricted speed can cause less derailments, according to railway authorities. So, as a strategic plan, there will be cancellation of a fixed number of long distance trains every month and step by step all trains will be cancelled.

Faking News reporter spoke to one of the Railway Official and he had this to say,” Goyal ji has really given a great solution to prevent derailments. See, it is very difficult to lay new tracks and change existing tracks during peak hours. So the only way to prevent derailments is by preventing more and more trains to run on those tracks. In fact we will start new short distance trains to cater to the large commuter base. Derailment of short distance trains causes less damage as passengers can be quickly shifted to their designated location through another train on that route.”

Railway officials are busy preparing the criteria for cancellation of long distance trains. Piyush Goyal has also asked railway officials to reduce the speed of most of the trains so that the tracks are not under continuous pressure.