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Indian Railways to construct dedicated railway tracks for reservation related protests

21, Feb 2016 By Gaurav Mittal

New Delhi: Indian Railways will lay down a separate railway track throughout India so that protesters demanding reservations can use it for their protests. This will ensure railway tracks remain free of obstructions and all railway operations and service continue as usual.

This will be a much needed investment in Indian infrastructure which usually lags behind with demand and need of the hour. Just like freight corridor soon India will be first country to have a protest corridor.

railway track
Protesters disrupting railways will be a thing of the past soon

The decision to do so came after Jats protesters demanding caste based reservations for Jats in Haryana hijacked railway tracks and sat there for hours leading to delays in hundreds of trains and inconvenience to lakhs of people.

Informing about the decision, Railway minister Mr. Suresh Prabhu said, “ I am tired of these annual rituals in Rajasthan and Haryana where Gujjars and Jats will come and just sit on railways tracks demanding reservations. They play cards, smoke hookah and cook Halwa-Poori there”

Expressing his pain Mr. Prabhu continued, “We already provide fair reservation through first come first serve basis ticketing system in Railways and I can’t give reservations in government jobs. Similarly, every now and then Maoist blow up railway tracks. Even a small road accident is protested on railway tracks. I will give protesters separate tracks to play with”

On being asked that this will need huge investment and how will Railways get that money  Mr. Prabhu said, “The damage caused to Railways due to protests is so much that we will recover this cost in 5 years if protesters stick to dedicated tracks made for them. The next Railway Budget will have detailed plan”

People who indulge in open defecation on railway tracks are very happy with this announcement as now they will have more space to explore.

As usual political parties and media is divided over this decision. Delhi CM cum Indian opposition leader Mr. Arvind Kejriwal has criticized the decision calling it as a step to create divide in society by creating separate track for protesters.