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Inspired by Karnataka CM’s water proof saree, Delhi CM Kejriwal buys ink proof clothes for himself

21, Jan 2016 By @jurnoleast

New Delhi: After news of Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah buying a water proof saree for his wife went public, Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal too went shopping for ‘ink-proof’ clothes for himself.

No more ink attacks
No more ink attacks

The Delhi CM who had ink thrown at him on a number of occasions has decided that he needs to get a wardrobe change so that next time he is not a victim of such attacks.

If sources are to be believed, Mr. Kejriwal has been behaving weirdly since the incident happened. Faking News reporter spoke to AAP leaders Ashutosh and Kumar Vishwas to try and understand what exactly was going on with the Delhi CM, who has been focussing less on administrative work and more on ways to tackle potential attacks.

AAP leader Ashutosh said, “Although I am the last one to say anything against Arvindji, but the fact is that we too have observed his strange behavior after the ink-attack incident. Just a few days back I, Arvind and Kumar Vishwas went to Khan market for shopping and as usual I went to buy sweater, Vishwas was looking for cosmetics and we thought Arvind must be busy with mufflers.  But, we saw him doing weird things in the market.”

“At one shop he was asking for ink-proof shirt and at other we saw him trying a burqa. That was not all, he went to the extent of trying an outfit that looked like the ones used by bomb disposal squads. When questioned he replied, ‘aaj ink feka hai, Kal grenade bhi fek sakte hai’. We had to call a few AAP workers to assist us in lifting him and taking him away from the market,” said Ashutosh, as he looked at pictures of him hugging Kejriwal when AAP came to power, clearly disappointed at the way things changed over the years.

Apparently, party workers too experienced Kejriwal’s changed behavior when he spent an entire day without blaming PM Modi, spreading panic among AAP cadres.

Similar to Siddaramaih testing the saree by pouring water over it, a party worker threw ink on Delhi CM only to get beaten up by Ashutosh later.

Mrs. Kejriwal too expressed her disappointment at her husband’s behavior while trying hard to not be too vocal and give critics a chance. “Aaj tak shopping ki zidd hamesha mai hi karti thi. Lekin aaj kal inko pata nahi kya ho gaya hai. Apna look bhi change karne ki baat kar rahe the. Keh rahe the mooche mundwa doonga taaki logon ko pata na chale ki mai Kejriwal hu,” she said in a tensed tone, trying to make sense to her husband’s behavior.

Meanwhile, BJP has once again accused Kejriwal of dramatics. “All he wants is publicity. I am sure  he must be looking for clothes that actually release ink just so that they get a chance to blame Modiji,” said a BJP spokesperson.