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Inspired by Modi events, Congress to conduct 'Rahul Gandhi Live' in Bangkok stadium

16, Nov 2015 By Beer & Biryani

New Delhi: Upon the advice of party senior Digvijay Singh, Congress party has decided to conduct a Modi-like event for its Vice-President Rahul Gandhi as part of its preparation for 2019 Lok Sabha elections.

A fan's representation of the upcoming Rahul Gandhi live
A fan’s representation of the upcoming Rahul Gandhi live

An honest revelation from the senior leader confirmed that idea of ‘Rahul Gandhi Live’ was an inspiration drawn from prime minister’s recent speech at Wembley stadium in the United Kingdom.

Venue of the live event was supposedly decided based on Rahul’s choice. As per sources, Digvijay is believed to have instructed party’s event management team to book Bangkok’s Rajamangala stadium for the event.

Speaking to Faking News, Digvijay said, “Rahul ji has a huge task of carrying the flag of anti-incumbency while leading from the front for 2019 elections. We have chosen Bangkok for his inaugural speech so that he gets the much needed relaxation before his discourse.”

Meanwhile, noted journalist Sagarita Gose seemed quite happy with Congress’ move and she said, “Whatever it maybe for Congress, it is going to be a juxtaposing exercise for me, yet again! Will be happy to analyze the event and give my expert opinion on it.”

While we were leaving, we heard Rahul practicing his speech which gave us a feeling that “RaGa Live” was around the corner. Here’s what we could interpret from his moments of soliloquy.

“The color of coconut from inside is the color of dress we wear. As Congress party, we are free and fair in all our aspects. The towel used in massage parlor is white too. This is where we see a unison of our cultures,” said Rahul as he stared at himself in the party office mirror.

As per our sources, the great stand-up comedian Russel Peters has been feeling insecure from the time ‘RaGa Live’ was announced as it may push him down to world number two spot.