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Manmohan Singh to become an auto driver to engage with public and know their views

12, Aug 2013 By Sandeep Kadian

Dr. Manmohan Singh
The Prime Minister, finally in driving seat, is all set to find out what the aam aadmi thinks.

New Delhi. After Norway’s Prime Minister, Jens Stoltenberg went undercover as a taxi driver to engage with voters in Norway, another Prime Minister is going to follow suit to get close to the general public.

Indian Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh will be seen plying an auto-rickshaw on the streets of Delhi in an attempt to learn what general public thinks about his government.

Judging from opinion polls conducted thus far, Congress will struggle to match its figures from 2009 elections in next elections and the Prime Minister wants to know why exactly is public not happy with the UPA government.

The move has been proposed by USA based PR firm, SAPCO (Secular APCO) which has been hired by Congress to build its image before the next general elections.

Speaking to Faking News, a marketing manager of SAPCO said, “This is the perfect way for PM to get close to the general public. People talk freely while traveling in an auto and say what they really mean.”

All the trips undertaken by the PM will be filmed with a secret camera and will be played in the next set of Bharat Nirman advertisements scheduled to be released in November.

Dr. Manmohan Singh plans to wear dark glasses and an auto driver’s uniform to avoid detection by the public as he doesn’t want to reveal his true identity to the passengers. As per a PMO source, this will help people to interact with him freely.

PM also plans to remain very talkative throughout the journey to dispel any suspicion about his identity.

“Prime Minister’s Office will continue to function as it didn’t need the presence of Manmohan Singh anyway,” a PMO official explained how Prime Minister’s latest adventure won’t have any adverse effect on daily business.

As per an insider, Prime Minister is busy undergoing training to learn how to drive an auto rickshaw in Delhi. He has been taught not to use the meter, to jump traffic signals and to squeeze an auto in between 2 lanes.

“He is learning fast but one problem remains with his driving”, said our source “He keeps turning towards Janpath no matter where we tell him to go.”

Sources further reveal that after many rehearsals, the first undercover driving by the Prime Minister went undetected as Dr. Singh interacted with a family of four while dropping them off to India Gate.

“Dr. Singh couldn’t interact much as he was depressed with the comments of the head of the family, a 45 years old man,” the source revealed.

The man is reported to have told Dr. Singh, whom he thought was an ordinary auto-rickshaw driver, “abbey dhang se break maar… auto chala raha, desh nahi ki tu kuchh bhi kare aur hum kuchh na bolein (drive properly; you are driving an auto, not the country, where we don’t complain about your driving skills).”