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Instead of debating, Bedi wants to interrogate Kejriwal, says will take time to get rid of old habits

20, Jan 2015 By idiot420

New Delhi. Soon after rejecting Arvind Kejriwal’s offer to have a pre-poll public debate, BJP CM candidate and ex-IPS officer Kiran Bedi said that instead she wanted to interrogate Kejriwal for whatever he had done in the last one year.

Speaking at a press conference, Bedi also confessed that her habit of interrogating was a side effect of her 40 year long service as an IPS officer.

Interrogation Room
Interrogation room offered by Delhi Police.

“I am not habituated of debating with my opponents. But now that I have joined politics, I guess slowly I will get rid of this old habit,” said Kiran Bedi.

However, she is hopeful that down the line she will become a normal politician. “The transition is definitely not easy, but when I look at Kejriwal, I get the feeling that it’s not impossible,” Bedi continued.

Adding further, Bedi said, in around a month she would be able to completely get out of cop mode and hopefully would be ready for debate, and precisely that was the reason why she told Kejriwal that she would debate on the floor of assembly.

In a month, Bedi is expecting to master all the tricks a politician is required to learn before appearing in a public political debate.

“She is yet to learn a lot from party spokespersons who know this art of holding their ground no matter how adverse the situation is, during a debate. Kejriwal has very well mastered this art, but Kiran madam, who is just four days old in the politics, has still a lot to learn,” said Bedi’s close aide explaining why Kejriwal was feeling more confident.

“As of now, Kiran madam is more confident about her police officer skills than her political skill sets and she is quite sure that at a public interrogation, she will make Kejriwal reveal why he actually resigned from the Delhi CM post,”  Bedi’s aide told Faking News.

Meanwhile, Delhi Police has offered an interrogation room to provide perfect ambience for the high-profile interrogation, while many news channels are ready to broadcast it live.