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ISIS takes responsibility for Congress’ debacle in 2019 elections after no one else comes forward

30, Jun 2019 By Guest Patrakar
More than a month has passed since the results of the Loksabha elections came out but no one from Congress has come forward to take responsibility for the. Sensing this opportunity, ISIS have decided that they will take the responsibility for Congress’ debacle in the 2019 elections.
While talking to senior ISIS member Al Pizzario Pastaoni, we learnt why ISIS is so hell bent on taking the responsibility for this. Pizzario said, “Please understand that ISIS has not been able to take responsibility for any bomb blast in India in the last 5 years. So we were waiting for an opportunity where we could take full responsibility for something. With the loss of Congress in the Loksabha polls, we finally thought this could be our opportunity to take the responsibility for something substantial. We knew that Rahul was the only person responsible for such awful performance by Congress in 2019 but he won’t take the responsibility for it. He did exactly that and it allowed us to realize our long pending dream by taking full responsibility for it.”
Congress high command is relieved that now people won’t force Rahul to take responsibility for the election debacle and resign. A senior Congress leader tweeted, “We always knew that Rahul Gandhi was not responsible for Congress’ bad performance. Thanks to ISIS for coming forward and taking the responsibility. We invite ISIS members to come and join UPA 3 in 2024 to save India’s democracy and constitution”.