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Jayalalitha refuses honorary degree in Kalaignar Thoughts

18, Oct 2009 By Pagal Patrakar

Chennai. AIADMK chief J. Jayalalitha has expressed deepest anguish and anger after Madras University decided to grant her honorary degree in the postgraduate course in Kalaignar Thoughts. The recently announced course is aimed at making people aware of thoughts and beliefs of DMK chief and Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M Karunanidhi, who is also called Kalaignar by his supporters and happens to be the bete noir of Jayalalitha.

While AIADMK thinkers workers have criticized the university for stooping so low to be in the good books of the ruling party, G Thiruvasagam, the new vice-chancellor of Madras University, has justified the move as he claimed that the act will bring international recognition to the university and to the state.

An angry Jayalalitha refused the degree in Kalaignar Thoughts
An angry Jayalalitha refused the degree in Kalaignar Thoughts

“University of Madras would get listed in Guinness Book of World Records for awarding a degree in the shortest time ever for any course. It’s been just three days since we announced the introduction of the course and now we will have a student graduating with the degree even without a single class being held. No other university in the world can match us and beat us.” Thiruvasagam claimed.

Expectedly, Jayalalitha went livid at being called a student and that too of a course in Kalaignar Thoughts. She refused the degree straightaway and trashed the claims of the vice-chancellor while accusing the DMK government of bringing disrepute to the state by making false claims in the field of education.

“Earlier people from Periyar University had claimed to have discovered dinosaur eggs, which is now being termed as mere rocks by some experts. Now Madras University claims to have discovered a postgraduate degree in Kalaignar Thoughts, which surely would turn out to be lessons in kindergarten rhymes. If the university wants to award a real degree, they should start a Ph.D. in Amma Thoughts.” Jayalalitha suggested.

Our sources confirm that many academicians, after taking cue from the AIADMK chief’s statement, have already started work on course design for Ph.D. in Amma Thoughts in case AIADMK combine wins the next assembly polls.

Meanwhile, in an unrelated development, students from Tamil Nadu have been frantically trying various permutations and combinations of keywords like “job prospects” “expected salary” “campus placements” etc. on Google search ever since the announcement of new courses in Kalaignar Thoughts, Periyar Thoughts and Anna (not Amma) Thoughts was made by the University of Madras.