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Jayalalithaa requests Sonia Gandhi to give her “that” remote control

01, Oct 2014 By idiot420

Chennai. Soon after Tamil Nadu got its new Chief Minister, jailed ex-CM Jayalalithaa is reported to have requested Sonia Gandhi to give her the famous remote control, which the Congress President had been using for the last ten years to control Dr. Manmohan Singh.

Sources tell Faking News that the AIADMK supremo had asked Sonia Gandhi what she was going to do with the remote once the Lok Sabha election results were announced.

“Looks like Amma had been planning for this day in advance,” a source claimed, “Back then Sonia said she will use the remote to control the Leader of Opposition. But now that the NDA government has denied Congress that post, Amma has requested Sonia to hand over the remote to her, as she needs it more than Sonia Madam.”

But many say, Jayalalithaa doesn’t even need a remote to control TN’s new CM Panneerselvam.

Initially Jayalalithaa was mulling over the idea of buying a new remote control from China, capable of controlling humans, but after much discussion, she decided to go ahead with a tried and tested remote.

“Amma was very impressed with the performance of the remote and they way it controlled Manmohan Singh. For ten long years it worked like a charm, without giving any single trouble to the operator, which certainly makes it one of the best in the whole world,” commented Santosh Murugan, a close aide of Jayalalithaa.

“With Sonia Madam’s remote, chances of failure are negligible. Plus, it’s very powerful. We have seen how perfectly the remote worked even when Sonia Madam and Manmohan Singh were in separate countries. So, distance is not a problem at all,” Santosh pointed out.

“Signals coming out of the remote are so strong that, leave alone prison, Amma would be able to control the new Chief Minister even if she goes 50 km deep inside the Earth,” he claimed.

Sources say that initially Sonia Gandhi was reluctant to give the remote to Jayalalithaa, as Rahul Gandhi was quite fond of playing with it.

But after multiple round of talks and considering the fact that NDA was going to rule for at least next five years, Sonia finally gave the nod.

“A senior leader of party is already in Delhi, where Sonia Gandhi will be giving him a demo of how to use the remote,” revealed an AIADMK insider, “The ‘mute’ button on remote is a bit worn out, it seems we’ll have to replace that.”