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Jayanthi Ji could have used RTI to know why she was asked to resign, it was an IQ test : Rahul Gandhi

30, Jan 2015 By idiot420

New Delhi. Soon after former minister Jayanthi Natarajan balmed Rahul Gandhi for asking her to resign from her post just before Lok Sabha elections without giving any exact reasons, Congress Vice President attacked back by claiming that it was a kind of test, which Jayanthi failed miserably.

Elaborating his claims, Rahul Gandhi revealed that he was expecting Jayanthi Natarajan to use RTI to know why exactly she was asked to resign.

Rahul Gandhi
“She doesn’t know when to use RTI, Congress is better without her”

“I keep testing IQ of leaders around me by creating situations around them, as I hate being surrounded by people with lower IQ. Plus, you know my feelings for RTI and how badly back in summers of 2014 I was in love with it. So, just to make sure that other senior Congress leaders are also in love with RTI and know its importance, I thought to mix IQ test with RTI,” said Rahul Gandhi explaining his side of the story.

Adding further, Rahul said that for last 11 months, he was waiting for Jayanthi to ask him the reason why she was asked to resign, but through an RTI inquiry.

“All she had to do was to say, ‘I want to know this thing under my right to information,’ that’s all. But unfortunately, that never clicked in her mind. I think she is a bit slow,” Rahul continued, “Everyone can’t be Digvijay uncle.”

Reportedly, once Rahul Gandhi took spectacles of Digvijay Singh and hid it on the table in front of him. But Digvijay Singh, instead of directly asking, ‘Where are my spectacles Rahul Ji’, handled the situation smartly and said, “Rahul Ji, under RTI, I want to know where are my spectacles.”

“Jayanthi Ji never had that spark of natural intelligence, all she kept doing was following my orders, like a robot and I am bored of playing with robots,” Rahul Gandhi told Faking News, “It is good that she has left the party. Our average IQ has increased.”

When asked if it was not against his other pet idea of “Women Empowerment” to force Jayanthi Natarajan to resign, Rahul Gandhi asked this reporter to file an RTI to get the answer.