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Jitendra Tomar does it again, walks out of police custody with fake bail application

10, Jun 2015 By @jurnoleast

New Delhi: Law Minister of Delhi who was in custody for allegedly submitting fake law degree, walked out of custody after submitting fake bail documents. It was after a BJP activists brought to the notice of the police, that they realized their mistake.

main jo hoon woh main nahi, ya main bhi koi aur hoon?
“main jo hoon woh main nahi, ya main bhi koi aur hoon?”

The law minister walked free after his lawyer submitted bail papers to the police which were later found to be fake. Delhi police tried its best to cover up the faux pas, but with media closely watching the developments,  the damage was already done. In a brief to the media, Delhi police chief said, “We agree there were some procedural lapses by Delhi police, however the erring officials have been suspended and Mr. Tomar is back in custody.”

Speaking to Faking News BJP spokesperson said, “AAP has lost face. The party is caught with their pants down. This man should be probed because we are not sure how deep the rot is. AAP has cheated the people of Delhi and they will never forgive Kejriwal.” AAP spokesperson refused to comment on the issue. Surprisingly, Congress party which has always been critical of AAP, too declined to say much about the issue. A party insider said the reason for this was because it would give AAP and BJP to question Rahul Gandhi’s credentials.

Meanwhile, social media was abuzz after CEO Rahul Yadav said that he is ready to hire Jitendra Tomar in his legal team. Mr. Yadav said that he was impressed by the law minister’s ‘chutzpah’ and they were constantly on the lookout for people like him. We are not sure if Mr. Tomar will join , but given his penchant for everything fake, he could be a good addition to the Faking News team.