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J&K results show "Modi Wave" not effective in colder areas, BJP would prefer Delhi elections postponed

23, Dec 2014 By idiot420

New Delhi. According to a political expert, BJP falling way short of majority in Jammu & Kashmir and its below expectation performance in Jharkhand is indicative of the fact that Modi Wave was not that effective in colder areas.

As Jammu and Kashmir is coping with severe winter and Jharkhand is witnessing mild winter, difference in impacts created  by Modi Wave is clearly visible in party’s performance in respective states.

Modi wave froze because of excessive cold.

“What’s common in results of both J&K and Jharkhand, is that Modi Wave didn’t perform as expected. And wave’s performance is directly proportional to the local temperature. Lower the temperature, worse the performance,” explained Ajooba Mishra, political analyst working with a news channel.

Justifying his theory, Mr. Mishra pointed out the difference in BJP’s  performance in Delhi assembly elections of 2013 (winter) and Lok Sabha elections of 2014 (summer), which was a big proof that Modi Wave was not that strong when temperature was low.

“We had the same sample of voters and shockingly they reacted to Modi Wave differently in winters and in summers,” Ajooba Mishra continued, adding that the fear of getting drenched in Modi Wave in winter could be a possible reason why this wave fails to get expected attention and response from public.

“After all, who wants to take bath in winter? Public response is obvious,” he explained.

Ajooba Mishra hinted that taking precautionary measures, BJP might try to delay Delhi assembly elections till summers of 2015.

Mishra’s attempt to demystify the Modi wave has proved to be helpful not only to journalists but to political parties too.

“This pretty much explains the reason behind our party’s national level debacle in summers of 2014. Countrymen frustrated with summers were simply enjoying the Modi Wave, that’s all,” concluded senior Congressmen Digvijay Singh, “Rahul Gandhi is not to be blamed as it was all about temperatures and climates. And who knows RSS could be behind global warming.”

Findings of Ajooba Mishra has come as a huge respite for Lalu Yadav and Nitish Kumar, as the next Bihar assembly election is scheduled to take place in December of 2015.

Meanwhile, BJP has rubbished Ajooba Mishra’s claims. To prove the theory wrong, party has announced that Modi would soon be visiting Antarctica, where he would address a huge crowd of local penguins and create Modi Wave in one of the coldest areas on the earth.