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JNU to start 4-year course on slogan development, opting students to be awarded 'Bachelor of Sloganeering'

20, Feb 2016 By Beer & Biryani

Delhi: Impressed by its campus talent and its natural flair for generating slogans, the Jawaharlal Nehru University is planning on a four year degree course which will award B. Slog degree viz. ‘Bachelor of Sloganeering’ from next academic year onwards.

Enthusiastic students shouting slogans even before joining the course
Enthusiastic students shouting slogans even before joining the course

Speaking to Faking News, newly formed slogan department’s head Mr. Beemar said, “Slogans are part of our life. Every organization in this world has a slogan, even if no one shouted those. We are here to give voice and background music to them. Shouting slogans in the right way can actually increase the brand value of the organization.”

“Coming to the syllabus, the first year will be dedicated to creative sloganeering for cricket match ruckus when Indian team is close to victory, boss torture in offices and water tanker fights,” he said while elaborating on the course.

“In the second year, we’ll arrange industrial tours to separatist factories where students learn their ideology and work on mini-projects. By the end of third year, we expect the students to champion the art of sloganeering and by fourth year, they’ll become excellent freedom of speech practitioners, and be all set for recruitment,” said Mr. Beemar as he walked back into the admin block.

Sources say that protest oriented liberals from across the country have termed it an example of tolerance and are planning to get enrolled into these courses.