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Junior ministers complain PM Modi is like IT company manager, takes up all onsite opportunities without giving subordinates chance

14, Apr 2015 By dasu

New Delhi. According to our sources, recently a delegation of junior ministers of BJP met party president to complain about Modi’s frequent trips. Earlier Modi was visiting countries like Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Bhutan and Nepal which are not far away and to visit these kind of countries, minsters were not too excited. They have gone to these countries for family vacation multiple times in the past.

When the families of the ministers came to know Modi is planning visit to France, Germany and Canada, they were upset. The families know getting a chance to visit such countries is once a life time opportunity.This is also a good time to visit as schools are closed and climate in India is too hot to handle.

Modi on a tour.
Modi on a tour.

As we understand initially party thought about rewarding some hardworking ministers a chance to accompany the PM during the visit. However in an RTI era where every expenditure is captured, party high command did not want take a chance. BJP was also worried as Congress’ entire top leadership team is searching for topics, scams which Rahul can take up immediately on his arrival.

Party president Amit Shahs told our Faking News reporter that like in IT Companies, managers go to client location to show the demo and get the project, Modi is going on foreign visits precisely for the same reason. He cited the recent announcements about France committing two billion euro to India and he claimed this was all due to the hard work of our PM. He expects Modiji will be able to get much bigger projects from Germany and Canada.

According to our sources, party president has assured everyone including MPs who are on bench (currently not working as ministers) that after completion of one year of NDA rule in May, party will start a formal appraisal process. The ones who “exceed expectation” will get a chance to visit the countries of their choice along with their families.

MPs and ministers have requested unlike IT companies where appraisal process runs for more than a quarter, here they need to complete it soon as the schools are going to open in June and their families cannot accompany them if the trips are scheduled late. Party high command has already formed a committee to see that the appraisal process gets over as early as possible.

Meanwhile Aam aadmis are expecting at least now ministers in order to improve their appraisal score, will try to do some work, which will help in improving their quality of life.