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Just 4 more trips for PM for this year, PMO officials to be transferred for missing ‘target’

20, Jul 2018 By dasu

New Delhi: PMO officials engaged in managing PM’s foreign trips are going to face action for their poor performance.

New Delhi:  Prime Minister Narendra Modi emplane for Frankfurt on the way of his United States visit, at AFS Palam in New Delhi on Thursday . PTI Photo

“This is middle of July, we have good five more months to go before 2018 comes to an end. You have scheduled only four foreign trips for PM”, quoting a portion of the strongly worded letter Mr. Nripendra Misra, PM Modi’s personal secretary has written to them.

Mr. Misra has specified in his letter, “It’s not about four trips only, just look at the kind of countries to which you have scheduled visits. South Africa, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Argentina. In a rating scale of ‘SMART’ (where ‘S’ means top performer and ‘T ‘means worst), I give all of you ‘T’ rating”.

Mr. Misra has not stopped there. He has put them under Personal Improvement Plan (PIP) for next six months and have transferred them to rural areas to look after departments like animal husbandry, fisheries etc.

One of source who has got ‘T’ rating countered Misra Ji’s rating. He said, “We did not schedule many trips for PM as some important state elections are coming, he would campaign for the party. There are talks in PMO that general elections for 2019 might be preponed to end of this calendar year”.

He added, “Even if that does not happen, we wanted PM Modi to get some rest before three or four months of campaigning needed for general election. Post 2019 election he will be back in PM’s chair, he can again resume his foreign trips. That’s the reason we made second half of 2018 as a lean travel time for him”, said our source who showed he has three invitations from Nepal, Bhutan and Myanmar. He can schedule visits to those places immediately if he gets go-ahead from Misra Ji.

“I am talking to Trump administration. PM has not gone to US for more than a year. It’s high time they have to honor our request”, said our resource who has asked for a one on one meeting with Misra Ji to sort out the difference.