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Just search in Google and take your medicines, why you need doctors: Mamata Banerjee

18, Jun 2019 By dasu

Kolkata: After six days of strike called by doctors, West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee understood doctors are not the only problem. The patients are too.


“Why you visit a doctor, you do not have Wi-Fi or 4G connection in your phone?”, asked Mamatadi to patients who were doing protest in front of his residence. “Come here, I will show how to use Google to look for medicines. So many options, just check whichever link you like”, Mamatadi told the relative of a patient.

“Doctors are protesting, now you will protest. Toh mein kaam kaisse karoon”, she added. “Aap logon pata hai na, mere and mere party ke upar kitna pressure hai. Modi Ji aur Shah Ji are not like Yechuris or Karats, they are relentless. My humble request to all of you, manage till 2021 assembly elections are complete”, Mamatadi told while addressing to the gathering.

A senior party leader standing next to her told the assembled people, how they have become ‘soft’ over the years. “We used to fight with left party workers for years. They used to hit us, we used to hit them back hard. That’s what we called guts. Here two slaps, doctors are crying”, said the leader who added he will train people how to remain ‘strong’.

A patient suffering from cough asked the leader, “Sir, three websites are recommending three different cough syrups. Which one you should check. Last time I had cough issue; I took a syrup reddish color. You take which has similar color”.

“If anything happens to me”, when patient asked in Bengali, Mamatadi retorted “I will arrest entire Google Management. How can they play with a Bengali’s life staying here? On arrests whole world knows I do what I say”.